Re: marshalling

ajk <>
Mon, 28 Jan 2008 20:31:58 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 29, 11:37 am, "Igor Tandetnik" <> wrote:

but why do i get an error then? When both processes run in apartment
thread it works, but when one is free threaded, I get error 0x800706F4
a null reference was passed to the stub (When passing IA1 to IA2)?

Show your code. Also show the IDL definition of the two interfaces.

// to position the structure cursor inside the aspect directory

bool CdpADO::bPositionCursor
  /* in */ CComPtr<IAfwStructureCursor> &pCursor,
  /* in */ const std::string &sPath
  bool bOK = true;
  HRESULT hr = S_OK;
  ENTER( LogFile() );
    LogFile().logInfo( __FUNCTION__ " - %s", sPath.c_str() );
    long lCount = 0;

The following line fails (exception) if CoInitializeEx(NULL,

    hr = pCursor->InitFromPathName( m_pObjManager,
CComBSTR(sPath.c_str()), NULL, &lCount );

    if (FAILED(hr))

//// here we get, with hr=0x800706F4

      LogFile().logInfo( __FUNCTION__ "::InitPathName returned hr=%X,
'%s'", hr, sPath.c_str() );
      bOK = false;
<snipped rest>

// throws an exception if path(s) not found

void CdpADO::tryPositionCursor( CComPtr<IAfwStructureCursor>
&pCursor )
  const string sRoot( "[Control Structure]IP800xA" );
  const string sPath( "[Control Structure]IP800xA/LAB" );

  // try finding lab folder, if that is not there we go for the root
  bool bPositioned = bPositionCursor( pCursor, sPath );
  if ( !bPositioned ) // didn't find it, try root
    bPositioned = bPositionCursor( pCursor, sRoot );
  if ( !bPositioned )
    throw internal_exceptions::path_invalid();

bool CdpADO::retrieveOracleInformation(oracleinfo_t &oracleInfo)
  bool bOK = false;

    CDescOpcError Desc;
    HRESULT hr = E_FAIL;
    CComPtr<IAfwStructureCursor> pCursor; // cursor to maneuver up the
parent chain

    hr = pCursor.CoCreateInstance( L"ABB.AfwStructureCursor" );
    if ( FAILED(hr) )
      LogFile().logErr( "Failed creating cursor
retrieveOracleInformation, hr=0x%X, %s",
        hr, Desc.getHrErrorText(hr) );
      throw internal_exceptions::no_cursor();

    // try finding right spot in aspect directory
    tryPositionCursor( pCursor );

    // position cursor in machines folder, look for oracle aspect, if
not found, go up one level until found
    do // loop over all tree levels
    while ( !bOK && SUCCEEDED(hr) );

  catch(const exception &ex)
  return bOK;

code showing the connection to object manager

bool CdpADO::connectToObjectManager()
  bool bOK = false;

   const AfwSystemContextId* pSysCtxId = NULL; // connect to default
   const AfwKeyId* pDataMode =NULL; // live data active
   const BOOL displayDlg(FALSE); // no dialog if connection cannot
be established
   const BOOL localThread(TRUE); // shallow version of object
manager - loads faster, less performance

   hr =
  return bOK;

m_pObjManager declared as

CComPtr<IAfwObjectManager> m_pObjManager;

These IDL-files a very large and protected by copyright so I can only
show small part - hopefully the right part.

#define AFW_INTERFACE_STATUS 1408E154-ABF5-43Af-A11E-8F8964C5BFC0
#define AFW_STATUS_COMMITTED "committed"

/// IDL
    helpstring("IAfwObjectManager Interface"),
interface IAfwObjectManager : IUnknown
   snipped lots of methods

the other, where the IAfwObjectManager ptr is passed to:
    helpstring("IAfwStructureCursor Interface"),
interface IAfwStructureCursor : IUnknown
    HRESULT InitFromPathName(
        [in] IAfwObjectManager* pObjMgr,
        [in] const BSTR pathName,
        [in] const AfwStructureId* pStructId,
        [out, retval] long* pSNCount);


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