Re: Please Help!!! - CAsyncSocket::OnReceive (Part 2)

Roshan <>
Wed, 21 May 2008 13:59:43 -0700 (PDT)
On May 21, 3:20 pm, "Scott McPhillips [MVP]" <org-dot-mvps-at-
scottmcp> wrote:

"Alexander Nickolov" <> wrote in message


Actually, I must have skipped over this too quickly... You _must_
_create_ the socket on that thread. You can't rebase an async
socket from one thread to another - they have thread affinity.

The Detach and Attach methods of CAsyncSocket permit it to be rebased in
another thread. However, the documentation and samples for this techniq=


all do it after Accept. There is no Accept for a UDP socket so I can't =


certain the technique is appropriate.

Scott McPhillips [VC++ MVP]


Ah, then I think that the attach and detach methods do not work for
UDP sockets.
I just went ahead and created a new socket object within the thread
itself and it is working now.
OnReceive() is getting called. It would have been nice to rebase the
socket in another thread, but oh well.

To answer you previous questions, Scott, I have constructed the thread
and ran it in my
dialog source code:

void CProdTestDlg::NormalFunction(int hexNum)
    CString sendString, verString = "01", seqString, twoByteHexAddInfo;
    m_cmdString = "02";

    twoByteHexAddInfo.Format("%04x", hexNum);
    seqString.Format("%02x", m_sequenceNumber);
    sendString = verString + seqString + m_cmdString + twoByteHexAddInfo;

    CProdTestUdpThread *pThread = new CProdTestUdpThread(this);

    // Create Thread in a suspended state so we can set the Priority
    // before it starts getting away from us
    if (!pThread->CreateThread(CREATE_SUSPENDED))
        delete pThread;

    // Pass the socket to the thread by passing the socket handle.
    // You cannot pass a CSocket object across threads.
    //pThread->m_hSocket = m_pUDPSocket->Detach();
    pThread->m_sendString = sendString;
    pThread->m_delay = 10;

                // Now start the thread.

    //WaitForSingleObject(pThread->m_hThread, INFINITE);
    while (WaitForSingleObject(pThread->m_hThread, 0) == WAIT_TIMEOUT);

    //delete pThread;

    // Todd has stated a limit of one byte for each field in the data
packet including sequence numbers.
    // Therefore, the highest number that can be a sequence number is 255
or hex value "FF".
    if (m_sequenceNumber == 255)
        m_sequenceNumber = 0;

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