Suggestion about implementing events

Barzo <>
Thu, 5 Feb 2009 08:49:29 -0800 (PST)

I need to create a class to read/write from a Serial port and I need a
suggestion about implementing events.
I've implemented the observer pattern with an interface more or less
like this:

class ISerialDevEvents
  virtual void DataArrived(void) = 0;

class SerialDev
    SerialDev(ISerialDevEvents *handler);
    int Open()
      /* Create thread and Run it ( Reading() ) */

    ISerialDevEvents _handler;

      do while (!StopRequest)
        if (eventHandler != 0)

class User : public CThreadEventHandler
    SerialDev Dev;

  virtual void DataArrived()

But with this method a user class has to implements all virtual
methods of its interface also if it doesn't use it.
What about if, instead of an interface, I made the open() method to
accept a pointer to member function?

template<class R, class T>
Open( R (T::*pmf)() )

If the classes lives in separated threads is it legal?

PS [OT]: Someone knows if the Boost::serial_port is able to manage PIN
like DTR, RTS etc..?


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