Re: sqlcrl exception

"gerry" <germ2@newsgroup.nospam>
Mon, 29 Mar 2010 15:54:29 -0400
I adjusted the code example for a little more context.
I also added an additional try catch to see if that catches something.

"gerry" <germ2@newsgroup.nospam> wrote in message

We have an sqlclr Stored procedure that invokes a web service.
SqlServer sits on on one machine and the web service on another within the
same lan.
Everything works fine until the web service machine is rebooted - at which
point all attempts to use the SP bomb with the exception below until we
restart the Sql Service.
I am probably wrong but it sounds like a connection to the webservice is
being opened once and held open for all subsequent requests. When the
webservice machine is rebooted the connection is broken causing this

MySP was created by using 'Add Web Reference'

public static void HPU_MySP( string Request )
    using ( MyWS ws = new MyWS() )
        /// errors during ws call leave connection open
        /// even though object is disposed
        /// 2 solutions so far :
        /// 1:
        /// try {
        /// rtn = ws.Call();
        /// } catch(ThreadAbortException){
        /// try{ ws.Abort(); }catch(Exception){}
        /// throw;
        /// }
        /// change
        /// rtn = ws.Call();
        /// to
        /// rtn = ws.EndCall( ws.BeginCall( null , null ) );
        /// see
        // string response = ws.Call1( null , null , Method , Arg1 );
        string response = ws.EndCall1( ws.BeginCall1( null , null , Method ,
Arg1 , null , null ) );

    try( ws.Abort(); } catch(Exception ) { }

Msg 6522, Level 16, State 1, Procedure MySP, Line 0
A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user-defined routine
or aggregate "MySP":
System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for
'Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SmiContextFactory' threw an exception. --->
System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Exception of type
'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException' was thrown.

  at Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlContext.get_CurrentContext()
  at Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlContext.get_Pipe()
  at GmsSqlClr.StoredProcedures.MySP(String Request)

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