Destructor called before startThread

"Jack" <>
Thu, 8 Apr 2010 20:08:09 +0800
Dear all,

First some code snippets,
class Thread
 Thread(std::auto_ptr<Runnable> runnable_);
 virtual ~Thread();
 void start();
 void *join();

 HANDLE hThread;
 unsigned winThreadID;
 std::auto_ptr<Runnable> runnable;
 Thread(const Thread&);
 const Thread& operator = (const Thread&);
 void setCompleted();
 void *result;
 virtual void *run() { return 0; }
 static unsigned WINAPI startThreadRunnable(LPVOID pVoid);
 static unsigned WINAPI startThread(LPVOID pVoid);
 void PrintError(LPTSTR lpszFunction, LPSTR fileName, int lineNumber);

Thread::Thread(std::auto_ptr<Runnable> runnable_) : runnable(runnable_)
 if (runnable.get() == NULL)
  PrintError("Thread(std::auto_ptr<Runnable> runnable_) failed at ",
__FILE__, __LINE__);
 hThread = (HANDLE) _beginthreadex(NULL, 0, Thread::startThreadRunnable,
  (LPVOID) this, CREATE_SUSPENDED, &winThreadID);
 if (!hThread)
  PrintError("_beginthreadex failed at ", __FILE__, __LINE__);

Thread::Thread() : runnable(NULL)
 hThread = (HANDLE) _beginthreadex(NULL, 0, Thread::startThread,
  (LPVOID)this, CREATE_SUSPENDED, &winThreadID);
 if (!hThread)
  PrintError("_beginthreadex failed at ", __FILE__, __LINE__);

unsigned WINAPI Thread::startThreadRunnable(LPVOID pVoid)
 Thread *runnableThread = static_cast<Thread *>(pVoid);
 return reinterpret_cast<unsigned>(runnableThread->result);

//// Destructor called before this function is.
//// so the whole context gets destroyed
//// but why did that happen?
unsigned WINAPI Thread::startThread(LPVOID pVoid)
 Thread *aThread = static_cast<Thread *>(pVoid);
 aThread->result = aThread->run();
 return reinterpret_cast<unsigned>(aThread->result);

 if (winThreadID != GetCurrentThreadId())
  DWORD rc = CloseHandle(hThread);
  if (!rc)
   PrintError ("CloseHandle failed at ", __FILE__, __LINE__);

void Thread::start()
 assert(hThread != NULL);
 DWORD rc = ResumeThread(hThread);
 if (!rc)
  PrintError("ResumeThread failed at ", __FILE__, __LINE__);

void *Thread::join()
 return result;

void Thread::setCompleted()

class BFThread : public Thread
 BFThread(int ID) : myID(ID) { }
  virtual void *run()
   return reinterpret_cast<void *>(myID);


 int myID;


// main module
std::auto_ptr<BFThread> thread1(new BFThread(1));


int result1 = reinterpret_cast<int>(thread1->join());


The errors are:
First-chance exception at 0x004177c7 in GridPartition.exe: 0xC0000005:
Access violation reading location 0xfeeefef2.
Unhandled exception at 0x004177c7 in GridPartition.exe: 0xC0000005: Access
violation reading location 0xfeeefef2.

I wrote the comments above. Could anyone please check my code why the
destructor is called before the startThread function is?

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