Re: Problems with output in a multithreaded program

"Daniel T." <>
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 15:08:32 GMT
In article <>,
 "Flavio" <> wrote:

Hi, I try to write here because maybe my problem is a common one.

I have a rather complicated multithreaded program, which uses the POSIX
pthread standard.
A master routine calls a series of slave routines.

My problems is about output. If I use the standard syntax:

cout << "Hi, I am thread number" << i << endl;

anything goes right. But if instead I try to send the output to a file,
opened in the usual way:

...."Calcolo_Parallelo.log", ios::app);

out << "Hi, I am thread number" << i << endl;

sometimes the output is not written. I haven't understood which lines
of code are written and which others not, but approximately a 50% of
the total output requested is missed (and where is it finished???).

Somebody has an idea of how to solve this problem?

Please keep in mind that three independent output functions are being
called in your code, unless you have locked all other threads from using
'out' they could interfere with that output.

This isn't really a C++ question since C++ has no concept of threads.
You should try one of the newsgroups dedicated to multithreading.

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