Re: Standard entry point and IO library for windows

"James Kanze" <>
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:52:16 CST
On Mar 28, 8:43 pm, "jam" <> wrote:

On Mar 28, 7:38 am, James Dennett <> wrote:

PS:I have heard of some efforts to add some minimal facilities for
multi-threading to standard library.But IMHO having a standard visual
compiler with appropariate library is in higher priority.

Why? Without some language support, you can't do anything in a
multithreaded environment; windowing support, on the other hand,
works very well as a third party add-in. (I too would prefer to
see it as part of the standard, but it just isn't going to
happen: it's far too complicated an issue, with too many parties
having too much invested in their propriatory systems. And
unlike threading, we can live without it.)

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