Re: Interesting string.resize behavior

 James Kanze <>
Sat, 23 Jun 2007 13:39:14 -0700
On Jun 23, 2:40 am, "BobR" <> wrote:

James Kanze <> wrote in message...
On Jun 22, 11:15 pm, "Default User" <> wrote:

I think it almost certainly can. I didn't really find much in the C++
standard on the topic, so I fell back to the C standard (C99 draft).
       [#2] A text stream is an ordered sequence of characters


       ....; ** no new-line character is

       immediately preceded by space characters; **

[ Sorry to side-step this thread. Just for a minute.]

That line caught my eye.
I wonder if it's 'C99' mangling the sigs?
( as in our discussion in the other thread.)

The same thought occured to me:-). Whatever else might be the
case, requiring a trailing space is really bad, since it means
that you cannot use standard C or C++ in any of your
implementation. (Except in binary mode. But in fact, I'd say
that anything that leaves your local disk has to be in binary
mode anyway, since you need to control exactly what it looks
like; NNTP requires CRLF as a line end, for example, even if
that's not what you get with a text file under Unix.)

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