Re: (OT) passing parameters to thread functions

James Kanze <>
Mon, 31 Dec 2007 01:07:31 -0800 (PST)
On Dec 29, 6:59 am, "Christopher Pisz" <> wrote:

"teju" <> wrote in message

i am doing multithreading program in VC++...can anyone
please tell me how to pass parameters to thread functions...

i mean i have used CreateThread(null,

now i have to pass parameter to function1();

Multithreading is not part of standard C++ and is off topic in
this newsgroup.

Not really. Multithreading isn't addressed by the standard yet,
but it will be real soon now, and there are certainly platform
independant, C++ questions which are related to multithreading.
Including this one, in fact---although teju formulated it in
terms of a Windows function, pthread_create, under Posix works
pretty much the same way.

Your best bet is to ask on one of the miscrosoft.public groups.

Which is likely to result in a wrong answer, which depends on a
bug in VC++ in order to work:-).

If that fails, then examine the LPVOID lparam argument of
CreateThread more closely. MSDN gives very good examples of
how to do exactly what you are asking. It took me 3 seconds to
google "createthread" and find the answer.

A better solution would be to use a third party portable
threading library. Something like boost::threads, for example.
(I'm not particularly thrilled by the Boost interface to
threads, but most of the other libraries I've seen are even
worse---generally significantly worse.)

As for MSDN the examples I found there all use compiler
extensions. I'm not sure whether this is necessary, however; it
certainly isn't necessary with pthread_create, nor if you use
the boost::threads interface---although the implementation
obviously does contain more than a few platform dependencies,
that's not your problem.

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