Re: Destructor called before startThread

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Thu, 08 Apr 2010 14:47:22 +0200
Jack wrote:

void *Thread::join()
 return result;

This is missing a WaitForSingleObject() call to wait for the thread to

Another comment: Take a look at Boost.Thread, which uses a slightly
different design. There, you don't derive from a thread class in order to
add your code to run in that thread. Similar to a file, its thread class is
just a means to communicate with a thread, but the lifetime of the thread
itself is independent thereof.

Also, it doesn't require any code to derive from a "Runnable" baseclass
either, it only requires the passed argument to be callable (e.g. a
function pointer or a class with overloaded operator()) and copyable (so it
can be given to the thread to start).

Lastly, if e.g. a passed pointer is incorrectly zero, I would either assert
or throw an exception. Just printing an error (PrintError) and continuing
isn't going to help.


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