Re: how to restart a thread?

"mlimber" <>
23 Feb 2007 07:28:25 -0800
On Feb 23, 9:56 am, "" <>

Hi, I'm writing a background timer using /cc++/thread.h.
this is my source code:

#ifndef TIMER_H
#define TIMER_H
#include <cc++/thread.h>

using namespace std;
using namespace ost;

class Timer : public Thread
    int timeout;
    void setTimer(float t);
    void run();



#include "timer.h"
#include <iostream>





void Timer::setTimer(float t)
    timeout = (int)(t * 1000);


void Timer::run()


I use my timer in this way:

                Timer *t1 = new Timer();
                float oldTimeout = 3;

and then I want to restart it when expired:

    oldTimeout = 2*oldTimeout;
    int i = t1->detach();

but i == -1 (error) and timer does not start again.

what's wrong?

We have no idea. Threads are not part of standard C++, and we don't
know anything about your thread library. Ask in a group that deals
with threads (e.g., comp.programming.threads) or in a forum for your
thread library. See:

Cheers! --M

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