Re: throw without try or catch block

herhighness <>
Thu, 18 Jun 2009 07:28:32 CST
On Jun 16, 10:50 pm, Matthias Berndt <> wrote:

1. can you throw without a try/catch block - is this legal?

Of course, that's the point. Otherwise, there would hardly be a
difference between an exception and a simple goto statement.
2. if you can, why am I getting a warning at those throw statements.

How are we supposed to know? You didn't tell us what the warning says.

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I did tell,

The warning says, - "Will never be executed "

Another example is a place like this...

if (ret==NULL)
       throw new std::runtime_error("Could not start/reset timer"); <--


The fact that I am getting a warning("Will never be executed") at
throw statement , implies that compiler is not optimizing away the if
check, because had that been the case , I would have gotten the
warning at the opening braces {

Is my reasoning right?

How can I get rid of this warning, while preserving the original code.


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