Re: "Scoping" variables the middle of their "natural" scope - RAII - is it a good practice?

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Sun, 17 Jan 2010 07:20:34 CST
ManicQin wrote:

In my job I find many times the next "pattern"

void foo()
//some code
    { //"re-scoping"
    char sTmp[256] = "";
    //some code
//some code

sometimes the "re-scoping" was made to keep sTmp in his reservation
and sometimes it's just and old "if scope" that was deleted and the
scopes were left on intention (or not by intention),

FYI: The "{...}" is called a block of code.

dropping the scopes will -usually- wont harm the -logical- flow of
the code.

I often use such things to lock a resource (mutex) and then release it at a
certain point. I do this explicitly to not have the duration of this lock
overlap with another lock, which in turn can lead to deadlocks.

(it can cause compile problems because of redefinition but the code
itself will be autonomous)

That's a harmless problem, as the compiler will tell you.

When looking on projects and examples in the internet I find more and
more "scoped" classes (RAII),
ScopeGuard, ScopedTimer, ScopedBarrierEnd ,ScopedForking , auto_ptr
(and his many friends) and the list is long...

RAII is everywhere, it is an essential C++ technique, unless you are using
C++ as a "better C".

(Well you can always add comments ... and hope someone will read them,

If the problem is that people don't read comments, then probably the
comments are bad. That can include comments like "re-scoping", which only
repeat the obvious without giving any information _why_ a separate scope is

or you can use macros such as
#define SCOPETIMER_START(name) { ScopeTimer name();
but I always find that using such macros to "ugly up" your code...)

Interesting macro, as it declares a function. ;)

Is it a good practice to "re-scope"? (RAII classes)
Are there any guide lines for RAII classes?

Most such classes can also explicitly end their lifetime, e.g. std::auto_ptr
has a reset() function, scoped_lock classes for mutexes often have an
explicit unlock(). In any case, the code you quoted is not bad and doesn't
have to be refactored. If the separate scope is necessary, there is nothing
you can do about it. However, if it isn't obvious why the code might be
necessary, that merits a change, or at least a comment.


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