Re: same overhead in calling virtual and non virtual member function...?

"Alf P. Steinbach" <>
9 Sep 2006 21:18:17 -0400

As in this scenario I strongly feel that, every time the compiler has
to look into the vtable irrespective of the virtuality or non
virtuality of the function.If it finds the function entry in the vtable
then it calls the function from there otherwise if it doesn't find any
entry into the vtable it looks for the non virtual function and then
execute the fuction code?


First off, the language does not require a vtable, although in practice
all implementations you're likely to encounter are vtable-based.

If a function is non-virtual the function address (where its code
resides in memory) is known at compile time, at least symbolically.
That's all you need to issue a call to the function. When a function is
virtual and is called virtually in the source code, the function address
is not necessarily known at compile time, because it then depends on the
object the function is called on, so in that case the compiler may have
to insert code that looks up the function address in the vtable
specified by the object.

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