Re: Getting started help

"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Wed, 2 May 2007 17:52:07 -0700
Add the following line to your control's constructor:

m_bWindowOnly = TRUE;

Then use m_hWnd after you are activated.

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

"Murrgon" <> wrote in message

I have been tasked with taking an app of ours and making it
run through an ActiveX control. I created the basic project and
control using the wizard (VC2005) but I'm kinda stuck at where
I need to put in my own stuff. My experience with ATL is
rather limited.

I need some way to create a timer or have an update function that
get's called repeatedly in a frame update mechanism. I also need
to get access to the HWND that is hosting the control (it can't be

There is one caveate in that I cannot use any MFC. ATL and WTL
are fine though.

Thank you

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