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On 4 Juni, 07:43, wrote:

In short I need to know if the following is possible, and if so how I
would go about doing it. Basically there is a peice of software that
runs an "animation" of sorts, and I need to create a timer that tracks
when it starts playing, pauses, and finally ends playing. I say
"animation" because I suspect it's more of a game, part of it requires
user input. Suffice it to say what im looking to figure out is if
there's any way I can view the messages that the program is sending,
and write a timer that handles those messages. It needs to figure out
total time that the animation/game is run, and keep track of how long
certain transitions are. I do not have access to libraries and whatnot
for the other peice of software, other than what comes installed with
it. I'm sure this is a terribly formed question, but any help would be

You a quite off-topic in here, you'd be better of in one of the
windows programming groups, see the FAQ for some suggestions of which
groups to use:

For you information, it is possible to listen to the messages that are
sent, one such application is spy++ which comes with Visual Studio,
there are probably others. I don't know how to do it but someone in
the windows programming groups might. However I'm not sure that you'll
be able to get any useful information from the messages, they are
generated at an astonishing speed even when doing nothing, each key-
press, mouse-move etc. generates a couple of messages.

Erik Wikstr=F6m

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