Re: Advice on writing portable C++ application

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Tue, 27 Nov 2007 18:26:29 -0500
Ramon F Herrera wrote:

My goal is to write a studio-type application

What's a "studio-type application"? Similar to Visual _Studio_?

which will initially run
on Windows, but I would like it to run on other platforms with minimum

I have made the decision to go with C++.

Through advice obtained in this NG (thanks!) I was able to determine
the available alternatives on the most obvious component that must be
portable, i.e. the GUI library. I still have to decide among the 3 big
ones (they are 3, right?).

But my question is about non GUI stuff: what else should I do to
achieve portability? Let's say I want to open a file. I don't want to
use the Windows specific system calls, but to use something like
'fopen()'. What non-GUI libraries or programming environments are

Usually the libraries designed to be portable contain some non-GUI
stuff. For example, Qt has threads, timers, strings, etc. It even
has some support for directory enumeration and file path management
as I recall. RTM (or Google) for more.

If you can't find (or decide not to use) a library that provides
those things, you could write your own or look on the Web for the
alternatives. For all I know they do exist, and probably plenty
of them. The main problem for you is that they are not really
topical since they don't support _all_ platforms where C++ exists
and hence you should try asking in the newsgroup dedicated to the
OS you're going to target.

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