Re: GetFileSize Failed on Directory

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Tue, 21 Jul 2009 09:11:35 +0200
Sachin wrote:

To give you all general idea , my tools takes list of files / folders
to copy [...] While copying it has to process the data [...]
And when the files / directories is huge then the program just keep
progressing without the end user knowing the status
So i was thinking of precalculating the total size and number of files the
tool is going to process.
and use MFC Progress bar to indicate the progress

any idea how to achive this efficiently ?

Use two loops, one just enumerating the directory tree and the other
processing/copying it. However, run both loops in the background, i.e. in
separate threads. Then, from the one that enumerates, you take the number
of dirs/files to process. From the other, you take the number of processed
items. Using a timer, you then update the progress bar with the data from
the two threads.

Alternatively, you could do the two steps in one thread, telling the user
about the progress of both steps separately.


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