Re: Display portion of my code starved

Victor Bazarov <>
Tue, 23 Mar 2010 12:02:00 -0400
David Lowndes wrote:

It all starts out with the WM_COMMAND button,
After pushing it, the program will be looping
while (ret == false)
    ret = Step(sx, sy);

Usually, the results would be displayed after the loop has finished. But
there are currently some bugs with my code so that the loop never exits.

That'll certainly explain why it's never updating :)

If you need to see some animation effect of the steps you might want
to rework that area to make the steps timer driven.

....or WM_IDLE-driven. One of the idiomatic ways to do that is to
perform a few fixed iterations on every idle message until ready. Make
sure to update your UI to indicate that some operation hasn't finished
yet, and update it again when it has finished.

Another idiom is to start a second (worker) thread and perform the
operations there, while the UI thread responds to WM_TIMER (or some
other trigger, possibly coming from the worker thread itself) and paints
the portion that has been calculated so far. This way is more difficult
because you have to set up some kind of communication between threads.
Use WM_IDLE if you're not so confident in making your app multithreaded.

Good luck!

 > That way you

should have free time to get the paint messages without needing to
resort to UpdateWindow.


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