Re: stl string find issue

"Thomas J. Gritzan" <>
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 02:43:47 +0200
PaulH schrieb:

I have a function that is stripping off some XML from a configuration
file. But, when I do a search for the pieces I want to strip, the
std::string::find() function always returns std::string::npos (-1).

I can print out the config string at the beginning of CleanCfgFile(),
and the strings are there exactly the way I'm looking for them. So, the
question is, what am I doing wrong?

    std::vector<TCHAR> configString(bufLen);
    //populate configString....

bool CleanCfgFile(std::string *cfgFile)
    TCHAR XMLHeader[] = _T("<?xml");

What is TCHAR? What is _T()?

    std::string::size_type start = cfgFile->find(XMLHeader);
    //start == std::string::npos!

Why am I using a vector and not a string in Function(), you ask? It's
just easier for the rest of the program. I could probably change it if
that's the problem... I just thought you could cast between the two and
be fine.

What makes you think that you can cast between them? You cannot. IMHO,
reinterpret_cast used in this way invokes undefined behaviour.

Try it this way:

CleanCfgFile(std::string(configString.begin(), configString.end()));

bool CleanCfgFile(const std::string& cfgFile)
    // ...


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