C++ webservice client always return SOAPCLIENT_PARSE_ERROR, please help!!

"net6" <rrod182@gmail.com>
6 Jul 2006 02:16:58 -0700
I have a very simple webservice that returns an even more simple xml
object. I use sproxy.exe to build a reference to the sole method in the
service but continute to get SOAPCLIENT_PARSE_ERROR during the call.
Anyone have any ideas what would cause this?

The webservice is c# the client is C++ using atlsoap

The trace returns this:
ATLSOAP: CSoapRootHandler::GetElementEntry -- element not found:

the returned structure is, this is obviously serrialized to very simple

    public class Contact
        public string name;

        public string sipuri;

        public string phone;

        public string mobile;

        public string email;

    public class ContactGroup
        public string name;

        [XmlElement("member", typeof(BCMBuddy))]
        public BCMBuddy[] buddies;

    [XmlRoot("contactlist", Namespace="http://listns.oururl.org")]
    public class ContactList
        public string dummy;

        [XmlElement("group", typeof(ContactGroup))]
        public BCMBuddyGroup[] groups;


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