wide string problem ...

"SteveB" <steve@thebretts.co.uk>
12 Mar 2007 02:27:12 -0700

I'm having major problems writing a function that converts a long
value into a wide string !!! I'm more than likely going round in
circles and not seeing the wood for the trees now but am frustreated
just the same.

My function looks like this:

std::wstring CReportCreator::SetEmpricalDefaults(const udtLONG&
    wstring ret = L"";
    ret = Utilities::LongToStdWString(udtValue.lngValue);
    return ret;


LongToStdWString() is used elsewhere and works ok.

My call is this:

wstring strOut = SetEmpricalDefaults(300L);

and then:

WCHAR xml[255];
wsprintf(xml, L"<X><a=\"%s\" /></X>", strOut);

wsprintf throws a scalar deleting desctructor exception.

when i debug strOut show as "*300".

does anyone know what the '*' represents at the beginning of the 300 ?

does anyone know of a function that will return a unicode string from
a long ? so far i've tried stringstreams and _ltow but always get the
* in front of the 300 and wsprintf throws an exception ...

many thanks

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