Re: Meta Description for class members

Martin Bonner <>
Tue, 9 Oct 2007 08:33:13 CST
On Oct 8, 2:37 pm, wrote:


I've written a binding mechanism (basically intended for XML) for
class members to be able to serialize members of a class by a generic
mechanism of its base class. The binding initializing part looks like

     // instance, member, default value, isAttribute
     xml::bind(this, _firstName, std::string(""), true);
     xml::bind(this, _age, int(0), true);


The issue I'm not happy with is the fact that on each creation of such
an instance the base of the person class is storing the binding
infomations. I would like to be able to define a central binding for
the class person (btw: actually a derived class simply adds bindings).

Is this possible and could someone please give a simple example?

How about a virtual function GetBindingCollection something like:

const xml::BindingCollection& Person::GetBindingCollection
     // This initialization does a deep copy
    static xml::BindCollection
    static isInitialize = false;

    if (! isInitialized)
       // instance, member, default value, isAttribute
      xml::bind(this, _firstName, std::string(""), true);
      xml::bind(this, _age, int(0), true);
      isInitialized = true;
    return collection;

There are issues with thread safety here (and making sure people
remember to update GetBindingCollection when they add a new member/
change the base class).

I think there is a boost library that would allow you to initialize
the complete collection with a single statement (so you could get rid
of the isInitialized variable).

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