Re: SIGALRM in a class member?

R Samuel Klatchko <>
Tue, 12 Aug 2008 16:57:40 -0700
Ron Eggler wrote:

signal( SIGALRM, sendHeartbeat );
but the problem is signal wouldn't allow me to have a function pointer to a
member method like INITSource::sendHeartbeat. If I need to do it this way I
would end up in crazy static declarations and linker conflicts - I have
gone there already and apparently didn't solve it...

You can do this with a forwarding function that is a static member (you
can also do it with a non-member function). Because signal does not
give you a way to attach some caller defined data, you will also need a
static member variable to hold a pointer to the instance of the class
you want to use:

   class foo
           signal(SIGALRM, sighandler_trampoline);
           singleton = this;

       static void sighandler_trampoline(int sig)

       void sighandler(int sig)
           // add your logic here

       static foo *singleton;

   foo *foo::singleton = 0;


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