Re: enum promote to bool type rather than Integer type?

Michael Doubez <>
Tue, 4 Aug 2009 00:05:45 -0700 (PDT)
On 4 ao=FBt, 05:14, FireEmissary <> wrote:

I get it!



#define EXCEPTION_PARSER(T) do{if(!T)throw InnateException();}while

int retcode=todoElement->QueryIntAttribute

I forget In brackets. so EXCEPTION_PARSER
(retcode==TIXML_SUCCESS);expand to

do ({if(!TIXML_SUCCESS==retcode)throw InnateException();}while(0)

must to be EXCEPTION_PARSER((retcode==TIXML_SUCCESS));

It is a matter of operator precedence: operator ! has more precedence
than operator ==, which mean that :
is interpreted as

You'd rather put the brakets in the macro (as the usual advice goes):
#define EXCEPTION_PARSER(T) do{if(!(T))throw InnateException();}while

IMHO you don't get the warning in the case of:
because for some reason, it interprets TIXML_SUCCESS as 0 (false) and !
retcode is a valid boolean while
is equivalent to
true == retcode
which is more problematic.


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