Re: struct containing vector?

Bart van Ingen Schenau <>
Wed, 3 Feb 2010 03:57:46 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 1, 5:45 pm, cerr <> wrote:

Hi There,

I have a little issue going here:
I have a xml configuration file that looks kinda like this:


    string strPID = xmlPIDData.GetNodeData("PID"); //PID
    while (strPID.size() > 0) {
        RSXMLParser xmlPID(strPID); =

      //PID details

        structPID tmpPID;


        //delete tmpPID;

        strPID = xmlPIDData.GetNext();

    return true;}

But there's two problems i'm seeing just right out of the bat:
If the outer while loop goes twice, how would tmpPID be re-declared?

These is no need to do anything special.
If the outer loop iterates multiple times, the brace-enclosed body of
the loop is entered and exited multiple times. At each entry, the
local variables are created anew by the compiler, and at each exit of
the loop body, they are destroyed.

So, if your loop iterates twice, then you will have two distinct
objects named tmpPID, with one being created after the other.

I thought about declaring it on the heap and then calling delete in
the end of the funtion before it loops around but even then,
I would do a i_PIDlist->push_back(tmpPID) and it woudl push on a
pionter that gets ereased soon after...

Thanks for a little help and guidance here.


Bart v Ingen Schenau

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