RE: Configuring XML Serialization to not add an element

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Wed, 31 Mar 2010 09:01:02 -0700
"Yash Ganthe" wrote:


I have the follwoing class structure:

public class MyClass {
    public Fields Fields;

public partial class Fields {

    public BaseField[] myFields;


public class BaseField
//some properties

public partial class DerivedField : BaseField {

All the classes are tagged as serilizable.
When I XMLSerialize an object of type MyClass, here is what I get:
      <derived name="JobID" id="A" precision="9" />

The serializer adds an XML element for every public property, which is
why myfields appears as a tag in the XML.
This is undesirable in my application as I would like the elements in
myFields[] to get serialized directly under <Fields> as :
      <derived name="JobID" id="A" precision="9" />
      <derived name="JobID" id="B" precision="9" />
      <derived1 name="JobID" id="C" precision="9" />
      <derived2 name="JobID" id="D" precision="9" />

Is there a way to instruct the serializer using Attributes or some
other to not add a tag for the myFields array?


You can use XmlIgnore as in the following:

public partial class Fields
    public BaseField[] myFields;


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