Re: No match for 'operator<<' in '((HttpRequest*

"io_x" <a@b.c.invalid>
Thu, 14 Jul 2011 17:34:30 +0200
"eric" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
On Jul 14, 1:24 am, "io_x" <a...@b.c.invalid> wrote:

eric@eric-laptop:~/cppcookbook/ch8$ g++ Example8-3-2.cpp
Example8-3-2.cpp:14:2: error: #error "Non posso compilare con questo
Example8-3-2.cpp:47:2: error: ?u32? does not name a type
Example8-3-2.cpp: In constructor ?Socket::Socket(std::string&)?:
Example8-3-2.cpp:37:24: error: invalid conversion from ?const char*?
to ?unsigned char*?
Example8-3-2.cpp:39:22: error: invalid conversion from ?unsigned
char*? to ?const char*?
Example8-3-2.cpp:39:22: error: initializing argument 1 of ?FILE*
fopen(const char*, const char*)?
Example8-3-2.cpp: At global scope:
Example8-3-2.cpp:61:1: error: ?u32? does not name a type
Example8-3-2.cpp: In function ?int main()?:
Example8-3-2.cpp:73:26: error: ?sendMyData? was not declared in this

Thanks Io_x

and your suggestion
above is my compiler 's response of your test program. I will try to
learn more by myself. And at meantime,
I guess it is not difficult for you to refine it if you think it is
necessary so it can fit on my system too.

i forget one header... i'm not too much expert...
than i not use the C++ file way, but the C one
than i use macro all want i not to write i.e. P, G etc etc

desclaimer: it could be wrong;
here it just open a file of name "thisfile" and write in it just "xml"
there it could make burn your little pc
could be less danger if execute in a debugger one step at time

// Example 8-3. Using constructors and destructors
#include <stdio.h>
#include <limits.h>

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

#define u8 unsigned char

#define u32 unsigned long
#define u32 unsigned int
#define u32 unsigned short
#define u32 unsigned long

#define uns unsigned

// macro for function
#define P printf

// macro for keyWords
#define G goto
#define R return
#define W while
#define F for
#define T template
#define TN typename
#define S sizeof

using namespace std;

class Socket{

Socket(string& hostname)
{u8 *a=(u8*)hostname.c_str();

 fsck = fopen( (const char*)a , "w+b" );

{if( fclose(fsck)==-1 )
     P("Errore on close file %s\n", name.c_str());

int send(string& soapMsg)
 {size_t k, slen;

  F(k=0; k<slen ; ++k)
      if( fputc(soapMsg[k], fsck) == EOF ) break;
  if(k!=slen) R -1;
  R 0;

// here could be 2 file too and not just one
 FILE* fsck;
 string name;

int sendMyData(string soapMsg, string host) {
   Socket req(host);

   R req.send(soapMsg);

int main(void)
{string s="xml";
 if(sendMyData(s, "thisfile")==-1)
 else P("seems ok\n");
 R 0;

of course, I always welcome whoever keep original class of book
authors expect, i.e. class HttpRequest
and its overloaded operator << in
void send(string soapMsg) {sock_ << soapMsg;}
to complete the fix


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