Wrapping Boost ptree to keep a map of loaded xml tag

Syffs <julien.bessaguet@googlemail.com>
Wed, 1 May 2013 09:08:52 CST
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As mentioned in title:

struct AXmlConfigurator : private boost::noncopyable {
    std::string configuration_file_;
    std::map<std::string, std::string> parameters_;
    ptree ptree_;


    AXmlConfigurator(const std::string &argConfigurationFile) :
        configuration_file_(argConfigurationFile) {
        read_xml(configuration_file_, ptree_);

    ~AXmlConfigurator() {}

    template<typename Type> inline
    Type get(const std::string & argPath, Type argDefault) const {
        Type value = ptree_.get<Type>(argPath, argDefault);
        parameters_.insert(std::make_pair(argPath, value));
        return value;

    template<class Type , class Translator> inline
    typename boost::enable_if<detail::is_translator<Translator>, Type>::type
    get(const std::string &argPath, const Type &argDefault, Translator tr)
const {
        Type value = ptree_.get(argPath, argDefault);
        parameters_.insert(std::make_pair(argPath, value));
        return value;
    void logConfiguration() {
        for(std::map<std::string, std::string>::const_iterator it =
parameters_.begin() ; it != parameters_.end() ; ++it) {
            std::cout << (*it).first << " => " << (*it).second << std::endl;


I want to wrap boost::property_tree::ptree to store the
parameters/values as strings into a map and display them afterward
through logConfiguration.

The probleme is that map's insert does not accept value as a string
because value type is unspecified...

I'm out of ideas, so any help is appreciated!

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