Re: Job: Algorithmic Search Engineers wanted

"mlimber" <>
24 Jun 2006 19:43:03 -0700
Frenkel wrote:

Our company is a very well funded startup building the next generation
of search algorithms, solving some very exciting problems. We are going
after the issues in search that the larger companies are being slow to
address, taking web search to the next level. We have already had
serious interest from the major search players but we want to strike
out on our own, to stay innovative and cutting-edge. This is an
opportunity to help define what that next phase of search will look
like. We are looking for driven individuals that have experience of
software engineering in algorithmic search.

Pay: $150k-$200k
Mountain View, CA

Areas for which we are hiring include:
* Search result relevance.
* Content gathering or analysis.
* Algorithm optimization.
* Large scale distributed indices.
* Next-generation search algorithms.
* Linguistic computation.
* Best-fit search answer selection.

* Understanding of web search algorithms and algorithm complexity.
* Experience of implementing efficient algorithms
* Familiarity with GNU development.
* Good understanding of web technologies such as HTTP, CSS, XML, SOAP,
JavaScript, etc.
* Experience of working with terabyte-level data collections.
* Solid academic record.

Other skills
* Excellent problem-solving skills.
* A passion for software engineering.
* Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

Cheers! --M

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