Re: Definition order of POD

"Alex Shulgin" <>
Fri, 16 Mar 2007 09:39:44 CST
On Mar 16, 5:02 am, "hurcan solter" <> wrote:

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I am generating a bunch of class type PODs from an xml file.The thing
is,xml file has no notion of order of definitions, so I end up in
situations like;

struct a
        b bval;


struct b
        int aval;};

which wont compile because b is not yet defined when the compiler hits
I also dont want to split them into different files because there are
and also like to provide to clients a single point of there a
way to
avoid or circumvent this situation lest I should have to modify the
xml file itself?
Any help would be greatly appreciated....

You might bypass this by providing forward declarations first, like

struct a;
struct b;

Of course, this only works if you use pointers (of some sort) instead
of plain values, like this:

struct a
        b* bval; // or `std::auto_ptr<b> bval', or `my_smart_ptr<b>

struct b
        int aval;

Other option is to improve your code generation algorithm, since your
XML data should really already have all the information necessary to
lay that structs in the correct order.

Alex Shulgin

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