Re: help with pointer

"Jim Langston" <>
Fri, 30 Mar 2007 15:42:13 -0700
"Obelix" <> wrote in message

Gavin Deane ha scritto:

On 30 Mar, 15:03, Obelix <> wrote:

CHeader(const CXML *pHead) : pXml(pHead) {};

ok. an digit error

But, if I would like to not declare pXml as const.... Have someone any
idea ?

Fix the above error, which has nothing to do with const. After that
then if you remove const from the declaration of pXml then you will
also have to remove const from the declaration of pHead in the
constructor argument list. This makes sense - if pXml is a pointer to
non-const data, then you wouldn't ever want to initialise a CHeader
with a pointer to a const object.

that's ok. But, If I pass a non const pointer to a class method, is there
a probability that pHead is wrong or not ? In any case can I consider
pHead right, or sometime, pHead can assume a corrupt state ?

    CHeader MyHeader( &MyXML );

Would be fine. Even though MyXML is not constant, CHeader treats it as
constant. CHeader can't change it, but the original MyXML can change it.

You can go from a non constant to a constant without the need of an explicit
cast, you just can't go from constant to non-constant without an explicit

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