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"Alexander Nickolov" <>
Thu, 3 Jan 2008 10:08:06 -0800
Remove the #import generated by the wizard - you don't need it.
The wizard is designed for third party type libraries thus you need
to clean up after it.

Alexander Nickolov
Microsoft MVP [VC], MCSD

<> wrote in message

On Jan 2, 6:08 pm, wrote:

I am trying to implement the IXMLDOMNode interface (so that MSXML can
manipulate some of my custom objects). I create a simple COM object
using the ATL Simple object wizard. I then choose "Implement
Interface" and select IXMLDOMNode. However, it doesn't even compile at
this stage (even though I've just used the wizard and not written any
of my own code). When stdafx.cpp is compiled, I get tons of errors
like the followng.

Error 3 error C2011: 'IXMLDOMImplementation' : 'struct' type
redefinition c:\bld_area\client\src\webcontentbho\atlwrappeddom\debug
\msxml4.tlh 331

Looking a little more closely, I see that it is complaining that this
types are defined both in "msxml.h" (which it is somehow including)
and in msxml4.tlh. How can I get rid of these errors?



I've looked at this a little more, and the problem appears to be that
the Wizard generated code imports MSXML4.dll with the no_namespace
option, which collides with the MSXML used elsewhere with COM. This is
somewhat related to,
which is about problems that arise whenever importing MSXML DLLs.
However, the KB doesn't address how to handle the problem when Wizard
generated code imports MSXML.

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