Re: On-the-fly compilation and execution of C++ program

James Kanze <>
Sun, 1 Jun 2008 13:37:10 -0700 (PDT)
On Jun 1, 5:21 pm, "" <>

On Jun 1, 5:05 am, James Kanze <> wrote:

On May 31, 10:51 pm, Kai-Uwe Bux <> wrote: wrote:

we are designing some stuff , that will generate c++
program(s) What we want is we wanted to execute that
generated code....
1. Xml based language
2. C++ code generated from 1.[Its mapping between 1 & 2]
3. compilation
4. execution.
What we have got stucked at compilation, we want that our
user should not take care about compilation or c++ code
generation etc...They just write some xml "code" and it
should execute !

Well, what about using a compiler? If you don't want to write
your own, which would take a while, you could contact a
compiler vendor for the target platform and obtain a license
to include a compiler into your package and call it from a
script or something. Other than that, you could document the
need for a C++ compiler and test for it during installation of
your program.

The real question is why they would insist on C++ for step 2.

James, This is interesting point, we are at very early stage,
and for step 1 & 2, there is Boost library available (we know
still it is not very much straight forward job and it may
require some dirty hacks, we think it will be more easy.)> It
seems highly unlikely that machine generated code from user

written XML would require all of the power of C++. Unless

no, we may not require all the power of c++, you can say like
XML is like domain specific language that our developer want
to execute, but C ++ code will be generated in middle, and
finally bytecode/machinecode/ ELF32 etc...

really needed the speed of an optimized compilation, I'd
probably just "invent" some sort of internal language that was
1) easy to generate from XML, 2) easy to parse, and 3) easy to
interpret effectively. (Said language might not even support
text as a source format.)

We do think instead of generating new languages for optimized
compilation, its good idea not to re-invent wheel.(we may be
wrong and we are very early stage of poc, we may do something
very much diffenetly.)

If you need the optimization, generating C or C++, then using an
optimizing compiler, is certainly a good solution. If you don't
need that much optimization, however: my point is that it is
probably just as easy to generate a simple byte code as it is
C++, and to execute that immediately.

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