Re: Correct Header and Library for IXMLDigitalSignaturePtr

"Alex Blekhman" <>
Wed, 13 May 2009 14:12:57 +0300
"nak" wrote:

   Well this is slightly confusing then as it's native to the
.NET Framework and has been since version 1.0 afaik. I was
under the impression that the majority of the framework just
called underlying APIs.

You're correct about that. That's why you will need to add a
reference to MSXML5 in your .NET project before you will be able
to create XML document v5.0. See, for example, this document:

"Adding Digital Signatures to Form Data in InfoPath 2003 Using
MSXML 5.0 or .NET Framework Managed Code"

   I'm not sure what the legalities are but I could technically
bundle the msxml5.dll file with my exe as it uses virtualisation
for a few libraries, but as you say if it's only shipped with
Office then I'm a bit screwed if I carry on as I am...

I'm far from being an expert on that matter; you should consult
your legal department. However, you'll need MS Office at least for
development machine. See "How to install Microsoft XML Core
Services 5.0" section here:

KB324460 - "How to install Microsoft XML Parser and Microsoft XML
Core Services (MSXML)"


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