Re: File transfer

Mark Space <>
Fri, 11 May 2007 11:55:23 -0700
Greg R. Broderick wrote:

"" <> wrote in

I allready solved the problem. I simply renamed the File:

           File dest = new File(pathFile + "/DestFolder/" + file);
           File src = new File(pathFile + "/" + file);
           boolean a = src.renameTo(dest);
           return a;

This usually won't work if the destination directory is on a different device
(i.e. a different hard disk from the source directory.

Try again. :-)

I think what Greg means is that this only copies from a folder to one of
it's sub-folders. For example this will work

Copy: /Users/MS/Documents/file.txt
TO: /Users/MS/Documents/archive/file.txt

But this won't:

Copy: /Users/MS/Documents/file.txt
To: D:/Backups/May/file.txt

To fix this, you need another variable, one completely independent from
pathFile. Call it destPathFile or something. It must be supplied by
the user, either on the command line or from a dialog box. Something like

File dest = new File( destPathFile +"/" + file );
File src = new File( pathFile + "/" + file );

That way, the source and destination paths can be completely different.
  (And I would rename pathFile to srcPathFile, but I kept them the same
in my example just to be clear what I was changing.)

Hope this helps. ^_^

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