Re: Pressing ALT obscures components when using Windows L&F

"Smith, Derek" <>
Tue, 10 Apr 2007 20:21:07 -0400
so dont use windows l&f

"ub" <> wrote in message

I have a JFrame that displays a big JLabel in the background and a
JCheckBox in the front.

When using the Windows L&F and I press the Alt-key the JLabel is
repainted but not the JCheckBox in front of it. As a consequence the
checkbox disappears. Forcing a repaint (e.g. by resizing the frame)
will make the checkbox re-appear.

When not using the Window L&F everything is fine.

Any suggestion how to work around this problem?


Here the sourcecode:
import java.awt.Color;

import javax.swing.JCheckBox;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;
import javax.swing.UnsupportedLookAndFeelException;

public class AltKeyRepaint {
public static void main(String args[]) throws ClassNotFoundException,
InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException,
UnsupportedLookAndFeelException {
// Use the System (i.e. "Windows") L&F

// The frame to display the sample
JFrame frame = new JFrame("Frame");
frame.setSize(250, 200);

// A big colored label in the background
JLabel label = new JLabel("A sample label in the background");
label.setBounds(5, 5, 200, 150);

// A check box on top of the background label
JCheckBox chkBox = new JCheckBox("a check box on top");
chkBox.setBounds(30, 30, 150, 20);

// Add the label and check box to the frame

// display it;

// Now pressing the ALT key will repaint the label, but not the
// check box, i.e. the check box disappears.
// Forcing a repaint (e.g. by resizing the frame) will make the
// box re-appear.

// Without the Windows L&F (first statement of function) everything
// will be fine.

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