Re: Querry on whether Eclipse can use WinCVS without client-server confiiguration

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Wed, 18 Jul 2007 09:54:35 -0400
In the first place, WinCVS is a CVS client; you aren't going to have Eclipse
use it. You want Eclipse to use CVS.

swapan.s1 wrote:

I have created my Code repository on a local system. I have installed
CVS (which is a plug-in to the Eclipse). As i am not using client-
server configuration, no protocol like ssh, or pserver, i am using.

You're using the :local: protocol.

My Understanding:

1. Host : Local system name
2. repository Path: Locatin of CVSRoot

For These fields i am not sure:

3. User:
4. Password

Neither of these are needed for a local repository.

5. Connection Type

local (known as ":local:" in CVS terms).

For connection type, it gives following options: pserver, ssh, ext
etc. As these clients [sic] are not running, and my repository is local,
can't i access teh location without these clients running.

Yes, and they aren't "clients", they're "protocols".

Please suggest me for this issue. Also correct me if my understanding
is wrong.

Trying hard to.

Have you considered reading the CVS documentation?
(if the ximbiot link won't work)


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