JTable in not visible

"Manoj Jain" <Manoj.S.J@gmail.com>
1 May 2006 22:32:38 -0700
here is a piece odf code....
it creates and returns an instance of JTable.
the query if perfect.

public static JTable getResult(String query)
        JTable t=null;
        ABCModel abcmodel=new ABCModel();
        Vector data=new Vector();
        Vector cNames=new Vector();

        int i=1;
        int cNum=0;
            res= stmt.executeQuery(query);
            cNum = rem.getColumnCount();


                Vector rowdata=new Vector();
            t=new JTable(data,cNames);
        catch(SQLException se){new SQLExceptionGUI(se).printMessage();}
        finally {}
        return t;

but it is not displaying table on frame.

plz suggest any change...

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