Re: Generics & Comparable

"Oliver Wong" <>
Thu, 05 Oct 2006 20:58:55 GMT
"Ron Albright" <> wrote in message

I'm confused. This may not even make sense but in trying to figure it out
I think I've fried my brain beyond rational thought.

Can you generisize a class C such that the compareTo will only work for
any 2 generic types T1 & T2 given a common comparable ancestor of T1 & T2?
Something like this (only this doesn't work):

public class C<T extends Comparable<? super T>>
   implements Comparable<DataElement<T>>
 private T _val;
 public C(T val)
   _val = val;

 public T getValue()

 public int compareTo(C<T> obj)
   return (getValue().compareTo(obj.getValue()));


import java.util.Date;
import java.sql.Timestamp;

public class CTest
 public final void testCompareTo()
   C<Date> dt = new C<Date>(new Date());
   C<Timestamp> ts = new C<Timestamp>(new Timestamp(3));

    This may sound harsh, but it looks like your "C" class is useless, as
this code seems to achieve what you're trying to do in your CTest class:

Date d = new Date();
Timestamp t = new Timestamp(3);

    - Oliver

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