Re: Best way to work around SQLException

Simon Brooke <>
Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:22:54 +0000
in message <>, Pablo
('') wrote:

Hi all,

Let's say I have the following code:

try {
PreparedStatement insInvoice = conn.prepareStatement( "INSERT INTO

catch(SQLException ex)

I just would like to know the following: If I have an exception before
the "close()" method calls, is it going to leave the connection opened?
I could put the "close()" calls in a "finally" block, but I would have
to, again make another try-catch block somewhere (either inside the
finally or in the caller method).

What is the best approach?

The general pattern is:

    Connection db = null;
    Statement state = null;

      db = ConnectionPool.getConnection( /* stuff */ );
      db.setAutoCommit( false);
      state = db.createStatement( );

      /* do stuff */

    catch ( SQLException sex )

      /* do what needs to be done to clean up, alert the user, etc */
        if ( state != null )
          /* close down the statement */
          state.close( );

        if ( db != null )
          /* release the database connection */
          db.close( );

      catch ( Exception eek ) // really should not happen
        /* panic */

It's /really/ important to clean up your connections, whether or not you're
using a connection pool (which, incidentally, you really should be).
Excess open connections use up a lot of resource server-side.

-- (Simon Brooke)
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