Re: Two of three SQL stmts execute: third results in table does not exist exception

"GGP" <>
18 Mar 2007 05:59:36 -0700
On Mar 16, 10:50 pm, Lew <> wrote:


GGP wrote:

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table/View 'TABLENAME' does not

Lew wrote:

How come the error doesn't say "Table/View 'MASSCF' does not exist."?

David Harper <> wrote:

However, I'm guessing that somewhere in your code, you have set

  String tableName = "TABLENAME";

Perhaps you intended to set the correct value elsewhere in your code,
but you forgot to do so. Since we can't see the rest of your class
definition, it's impossible to say for sure.

Lew wrote:

David's points remain unaddressed.

And the folks in the other groups to whom you multiposted deserve to know
about it.

f-u set to

-- Lew

Thanks, Lew. You're right, I should have kept everyone up to speed
(I'm quite new to this, so please forgive me). So, since I've asked a
confusing question, I'll try to clarify here. The code has changed a
little since I originally asked the question, so I've supplied the
entire class definition below (warts and all).

public class ListHandler {

    int iConvTyp;

    /** Creates a new instance of ListHandler */
    public ListHandler(int conversionTypeSelectedID) {
        int iConvTyp = conversionTypeSelectedID;

    public Vector lstModelVector (WindowEvent evt, int
conversionTypeSelected) throws SQLException {
        int x = 0;

        //Open a new connection to the ConversionFactors database
        MyDBConnection myConnection = new MyDBConnection();
        Connection con = myConnection.getMyConnection();

        //Prepare a new SQL statement, result set, and string
variables to hold the SQL data
        String strConvTypID = null;
        String strConvTyp = null;

        //Create and execute an SQL statement to determine what kind
of conversion is initially set by the combobox.
        //Ultimately, this determines which units need to be displayed
in each listbox.
        Statement stmt = con.createStatement();

        //The first SQL stmt is to find out which conversion table to
use (e.g., mass, area, distance, etc.).
        int conversionTypeID = getIConvTyp();
        ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select CONTYPEID,
CONTYPENAME from CONTYPES where CONTYPEID = " + conversionTypeID);

        //Read the data from the results of the SQL query.
        while ( {
            strConvTypID = rs.getString("CONTYPEID");
            strConvTyp = rs.getString("CONTYPENAME");

        //Declare some utility variables that hold the appropriate
table name, conversion-type name, and the
        //conversion-type ID (index).
        String tableName = strConvTyp + "CF";
        String unitName = strConvTyp + "Name";
        String unitID = strConvTyp + "ID";

        String sqlListData = "select " + unitID + ", " + unitName + "
from " + tableName; //This is where the problem occurs

        //Create and execute the SQL statement
        Statement stmtList = con.createStatement();
        ResultSet rsList = stmtList.executeQuery(sqlListData);

        //Advance cursor one position so it points to the appropriate
data (it starts just before the first record);
        int dID = rsList.getInt(unitID);
        String distID = rsList.getString(unitName);

        //Define a vector to hold the list data
        String strUName = null;
        int intUIndx = 0;

        //Read the result set and populate the vector
        Vector vecList = new Vector();
        while ( {
            strUName = rsList.getString(unitName);
            intUIndx = rsList.getInt(unitID);

        //Close the database connection

        return vecList;

There are now only two queries (not three, as in the original post),
but the problem remains the same. Someone suggested that I should
print out sqlListData and execute the statement directly. I did that,
which resulted in the same basic error.

The error generated was: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table/View
'DISTANCECF' does not exist.

The statement I used in an attempt to recreate the error (i.e.,
sqlListData) was "select DistanceID, DistanceName from DistanceCF".
However, when I query the table directly using the following syntax,
the data I require are generated properly: select "DistanceID",
"DistanceName" from "GREGP"."DistanceCF"

I really don't understand why this particular sql statement requires
such a different syntax from the first. Moreover, I don't know how to
generate that sort of syntax (with embedded quotation marks) to define

Finally, someone else mentioned that it seemed like a wasted database
given that I have no relational structure, and I'm just using the
database tables as means to hold data ("just use files for god
sakes"). I agree completely! The data need to be updated (i.e., new
rows added), edited, and deleted. I wish I knew how to do that with
files (I do with database tables)! It definitely would be a better

Thanks to everyone who has responded.



P.S. I'm sorry I don't remember who asked, but 'con' is just my
connection variable (see code above).

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