CallableStatement problem

"ros" <>
2 Apr 2007 04:49:27 -0700

I am trying to insert a record into my database using 2 stored
procedures. These are pasted below. The code that I am using in the
java program is as follows:

                // Create CallableStatement object
                CallableStatement genid = conn.prepareCall("{call
                int number = genid.getInt(1);
                CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall("{call
InsertPrice (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)}");

                // Bind values to the parameters
                cstmt.setInt(1, number );
                cstmt.setInt(2, 8);
                cstmt.setInt(3, 600);
                cstmt.setDate(5, Date.valueOf("2008-02-02"));

But this generates an error. Basically the GeneratePcId() stored
procedure returns the value which is an integer and I want to use this
as the input of InsertPrice.

I am getting an error in this line: int number = genid.getInt(1);

Can anybody advise what the problem is?


PROCEDURE `InsertPrice`(pc_id INT, pc_level INT, price INT, from_date
DATE, to_date DATE)
INSERT INTO price VALUES (pc_id, pc_level, price, from_date, to_date);
END $$

PROCEDURE `GeneratePcId`()
select max(pc_id)+1 as newpcid from price;
END $$

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