Re: No Suitable Driver at dataSource.getConnection();

 "" <>
Mon, 18 Jun 2007 13:24:35 -0700
On Jun 11, 6:03 am, wrote:

Hi all ,,

I had my application to connect to the database in a classical way
i.e. not a pooled connection. The method was as fellows

  private void connect(){
      con = DriverManager.getConnection(URL,"root","root");
      stmt = con.createStatement();
    catch(Exception e)

Now I want to change that function into the following :

private void pooledConnection() throws Exception {
        String connectURI = "jdbc:mysql://
        DataSource dataSource = setupDataSource(connectURI);
        con = dataSource.getConnection();
        stmt = con.createStatement();

       public static DataSource setupDataSource(String connectURI) {
        org.apache.commons.pool.ObjectPool connectionPool = new
        ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new
        PoolableConnectionFactory poolableConnectionFactory = new
        PoolingDataSource dataSource = new
        return dataSource;

I get an Error of a Suitable driver not found At the line that trues
to connect to the datasource

con = dataSource.getConnection();

The thing is I am 100% sure that the classpath is set properly of the
driver. Thats why the prioir method works .. But how come this doesnt

I appreciate all your help guys.

this could mean a variety of things. your URL could be wrong.
you need to verify the syntax with your driver manufacturer.
the database could be unavailable over the network. you password
could be wrong, etc. try connecting to that database, using a
database client, from your box.

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