Re: how to count exactly the rows of a ResulSet

Tue, 26 Jun 2007 21:03:33 -0700
On Jun 26, 7:11 pm, Martin Gregorie <mar...@see.sig.for.address>

Mariano wrote:

Then, i have this need, i use this method, it seems works fine, but
for this method there are no differences if the resulSet contain one
row or if resultSet is empty, method return always 1 to me. For
resultSet larger than one row it works perfectly.
This is my semi-functionant code:

 public int rowCount(ResultSet r) throws SQLException {
        int rc = r.getRow();
        return rc;

How can I modify it, to have rc=0 if rs is empty, rc=1 if there is one
row in rs, and so on????
Thank u to all...

last() returns a boolean. Use it.

martin@ | Martin Gregorie
gregorie. | Essex, UK
org |

I was just looking through the docs,

isn't r.getFetchSize() what you're looking for?

public int getFetchSize()
                 throws SQLException

    Retrieves the fetch size for this ResultSet object.

        the current fetch size for this ResultSet object


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