Hibernate using Criteria ... Expression.in error .....

 LuckyBoy <accentrahulsai@gmail.com>
Sat, 25 Aug 2007 02:54:27 -0700
i have the following entries in Database table
mysql> select email, firstname, lastname from contact;
| email | firstname | lastname |
| rahul@saini.com | rahul | saini |
| rohit@saini.com | rohit | saini |

Through front end I am getting both the above email ids (as search
text "rahul@saini.com, anand@yadav.com" )
and I have to display firstname and lastname for these.
My Hibernate 3 code to search (using Hibernate Criteria and
Expression.in() and display this is as below:
 // get search string as req parameter, tokenize it by ,
        // create a simple String[] contactsArr and assign these email
ids to its elements
        String sContacts = req.getParameter("SearchString").trim();
 StringTokenizer emailsTok = new StringTokenizer(sContacts, ",");
 int totalTokens = emailsTok.countTokens();
 String[] contactsArr = new String[totalTokens];
 int i = 0;
  contactsArr[i] = emailsTok.nextToken().trim();
 if(sContacts != null){
  List result = null;
   Session sess = UtilHelper.getSessionFactory().openSession();
   Transaction newTrans = sess.beginTransaction();
   Criteria crit = sess.createCriteria(Contact.class);
   result = crit.add(Expression.in("Email", contactsArr)).list();
   if(result != null){
    Iterator iter = result.iterator();
     Contact contact = (Contact)iter.next();
     pw.println(contact.getFirstName() + "," + contact.getLastName());
However, instead of printing

it is printing
HQL generated is :
Hibernate: select this_.ID as ID0_0_, this_.FIRSTNAME as
FIRSTNAME0_0_, this_.LA
STNAME as LASTNAME0_0_, this_.EMAIL as EMAIL0_0_, this_.DOB as
DOB0_0_, this_.PH
_LANDLINE as PH6_0_0_, this_.PH_MOBILE as PH7_0_0_, this_.CA_STREET as
 this_.CA_CITY as CA9_0_0_, this_.CA_COUNTRY as CA10_0_0_,
this_.CA_PINCODE as C
A11_0_0_, this_.PA_STREET as PA12_0_0_, this_.PA_CITY as PA13_0_0_,
NTRY as PA14_0_0_, this_.PA_PINCODE as PA15_0_0_ from CONTACT this_
where this_.
EMAIL in (?, ?)

Where is it wrong ?

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