Re: Database helper class with PreparedStatements

Are Nybakk <>
Fri, 09 Nov 2007 15:54:15 +0100
<> wrote:

I have a JDBC working with Oracle 9i where database is inserted/


I started replying to this post, but I gave it up. I don't quite get
what you want answered here. I'll give you some tips on how to organize

Make a class that takes care of the database connection:

public class DatabaseConnector {

    private Connection con;

    public DatabaseConnector(user, pass, ...) {
       con = ...;

    public Connection getConnection() {
       return con;

    public void close() {



And a database handler class:

public class DatabaseHandler {

    private DatabaseConnector dbCon;
    private Connection con;
    private PreparedStatement stmt1 = new PreparedStatement("...");

    public DatabaseHandler(user, pass, ...) {
       dbCon = new DatabaseConnector(user, pass, ...);
       con = dbCon.getConnection();

    public void insertSomeObject(SomeObject obj) {



    public void closeConnection() {


Remember that the point of PreparedStatements is a way to declare
statements that are frequently used. To declare such a statement for
every method call removes the point entirely.

About closing connections, simply close them when you won't be using it
for a while. I don't think open connections would make any problem
unless the database is accessed by a lot of clients simultaneously.

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