Re: Need urgent help checking voting machines for Java code - today!

"Oliver Wong" <>
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 19:17:00 GMT
<> wrote in message

Honestly, we realize that anybody really good
can tamper to hell and gone and we'd never spot it. What we're hoping
is that since nobody is looking at this stuff or has been in previous
years, they've gotten sloppy enough to catch. It seems worth trying

    Who are the potential cheaters, though? If you have time to run this
"pre-vote testing" phase, why not just completely wipe the harddrive, and
reinstall whatever software is needed from scratch right before voting
starts? Then the only possibility of cheating at this point is either you
(or whoever the technician doing this is) cheating, or Diebold themselves
cheating. In either cases, there's nothing you can really do to prevent

    If you have problems with voters stick USB keys into the machine, how
about physically locking down the machine so that only approved input
devices are accessible? IF you had an LCD touch screen, you could hide
everything except the screen, so all the user can do is touch on points on
the screen.

    - Oliver

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