Re: Has anyone tried the usb devices?

Eric Sosman <>
Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:36:24 -0400
bucky wrote On 07/17/07 09:18,:

On Jul 16, 9:57 pm, Eric Sosman <esos...@ieee-dot-org.invalid> wrote:

    But, hell: It's your product, and I'm not going to say
you're wrong or foolhardy or pro-global-warming or any such
thing; after all, I don't know your circumstances. Make your
own choice -- but make it an informed, not a reflexive, choice.

Actually, that's we way we do business now. However, we're exploring
more arms length relationships plus potential customer in China --
which has a well published reputation.

You certainly give one side of the equation. But what I'm looking for
is other experience with these devices -- so that I can make a more
informed decision.

Do you have any experience with this kind of advice?

    (I'm assuming s/ad/de/.)

    With USB dongles, no. With earlier-technology
dongles, my experience was limited to recommending
that my (then) company acquire a competitor's product
instead of the dongleized candidate. (Others made
the same recommendation, so I never actually had the
pleasure of dealing with the dongle.)

    But as I say: It's a business decision, and it's
your business, and you may well opt for more rather
than less coercion. If you've thought it through,
fine -- but I raise the counter-arguments because it
seems to me an awful lot of people jump straight to
the enforcement bit (dongles, obfuscators, secret
keys, whatnot) *without* thinking it through.


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