Re: JMF Applet without client side installation

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 09 Aug 2007 10:45:39 GMT
Amit Jain wrote:

Hi Andrew,

G'day Amit. Thanks for reminding me of this thread,
I had not realised I left it 'hanging'. But your further
post reminded me that it required my attention..

(and no need to mention the MP matter again - it
is solved and over)

I go through your suggestion and tried deployment of my applet using
"Java WebStart" and succeed.

Great, but..

...But my applet is still not able to
capture the client machine device.

I don't think it ever will. The problem is the JMF
setting that says 'no applet capture' (or whatever).
A JWS <installer> might be able to change that
setting to 'heck yeah, allow applets to do everything'.
But that seems not to be quite fitting the basic need
to do all this 'in a web page'.

can you suggest me next approach to resolve the problem.

I'm sorry, but I do not believe that the 'ease' that
you are after can be achieved by an applet capturing
through a *web* *page* using standard JMF.

If you went into the JMF source code and changed it,
it might be possible to rebuild the JMF so that simply
any 'signed and trusted' applet could do as it needs,
but I am sure it would require change to the JMF code

can you give me your email id so that i can send you my web
application folder containing all .jnlp and .jar files.

No. Or at least, not unless it is as consultancy,
I do not provide private help for free. If your are
interested in consultancy, yell and I'll be there.

Andrew Thompson

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